Anxiety-Free Morning Routine For Black Women

(video below)


As Black women, we are often expected to be strong and stoic, to never show weakness or emotion (which is why we are SO GRATEFUL for this video from @ themonaleo!)

As a result, we tend to internalize our anxiety, leading to feelings of shame and isolation.

It is important for all Black women to find positive ways to address their anxiety, in order to promote mental health and wellbeing.

One way to do this is to find a supportive community
- we recommend our new, free Wellness for Women of Color Community (DM for details).

Whether it’s an online forum or a local support group, being able to share your experiences with others can help you feel less alone.

In addition, therapy can be an effective way to work through anxious thoughts and develop coping mechanisms.

Finally, self-care is essential for managing anxiety. Taking time for yourself, whether it’s through exercise, spending time in nature, or simply taking a few minutes each day to relax and practice mindfulness, can help you to reduce stress levels and feel more in control.

By taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, you can begin to manage your anxiety in a positive way.

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