Results from our melanin-first wellness brand

(video below)

👉🏾 Results. That’s what happens when a skincare brand takes your melanin (and the compositional differences that make it special) seriously.

Most products you find at Ulta, Sephora & Target are made for caucasian skin and don’t take into account the unique needs of Black and Brown skin.

👉🏾 The differences between white and black skin are more than just cosmetic. Black skin is thicker and has more collagen, which means it’s more susceptible to dehydration and inflammation. And because melanin-rich skin produces more sebum, it’s more likely to develop acne and other blemishes.

Our Black owned skincare brand is changing the game by formulating products specifically for skin with melanin.

Need help? That’s why we’re here! Shoot us an email @ to connect with one of our Melanin Specialists 💜


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