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Tig Ol Berry Titty Bundle (tone, minimize stretch marks and dark areas)

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meet the new tig ol berry titty bundle - lift, tone, minimize stretch  marks, dark marks & excess moisture

tig ol berry titty bundle includes the tig ol berry titty scrub and tig ol berry titty  butter to tone, minimize stretch marks, dark areas & moisture


everybody interested in tightening and toning skin, eliminating stretch marks, extra moisture, dark marks, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone on the body (and especially those boobies)


tig ol berry titty bundle is a medical strength skin  toning body treatment that contains active ingredients that have been proven to lift and tone skin, calm irritation, minimize the appearance of stretch marks, dark marks, excess moisture and hyperpigmentation.


    • retinol - an extra strength exfoliator that helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks, removes the dirt and dead skin that builds up on the  skin’s surface, all while helping prevent dark spots from surfacing and fading dark spots that already exist
        • vitamin c -
      •  this brightening ingredient helps to even skin tone while also stimulating collagen production which helps to smooth and tighten skin 
      • coffee extract - this ingredient contains caffeine which helps to stimulate microcirculation, lipolysis and give firmness and plumpness to the skin

      • turmeric - pigment in turmeric offers an immediate brightening effect while the active component in turmeric responsible for lifting dark marks beneath the surface of skin, curcumin, reduces the excess melanin production, acts as antioxidant and is also anti-inflammatory, which helps prevent future darks marks
      • aloe vera - a hydrating, anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps to calm skin


    ceo koko here. before my breast reduction in February, my boobs were a HEAVY 38G and summers for the girls were... hell 🥲 the boob sweat. the irritation. on the hottest days, it felt like my boobs were generating their own extra heat!

    when formulating the 

     tig ol berry titty bundle I thought about everything I went though, found the natural ingredients that could address each issue and then worked on the formula until every major concern was addressed: stretch marks? check. excess moisture? check. itching and irritation? check. the extra heat? check. the darkening? check!

    from someone that gets it, get it. you won't regret it.


    gently massage

    tig ol berry titty scrub into damp skin and allow lather to remain on skin for up to 5 minutes for maximum penetration of active ingredients, then rinse with warm water and follow with

    tig ol berry titty butter.

    gently massage

    tig ol berry titty butter into clean skin 3-5x per week, or daily as skin allows. reduce use if irritation occurs. patch test before use. only use as directed   

    tig ol berry titty butter: shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter, aloe leaf juice,  sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, arrowroot, vitamin c, turmeric exact, guarana extract, bearberry extract, licorice extract, pineapple extract, calendula extract, kigelia africana, retinol, watermelon extract, vitamin e, pthalate-free fragrance, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, additional brightening and exfoliating ingredients (see package for final ingredients list)

    tig ol berry titty scrub: sugar, sodium cocoyl isethionate, aloe leaf juice,  cocamidopropyl betaine, pumice, coconut oil, shea butter, emulsifying wax, glycerin, propylene glycol, lactic acid,  stearic acid, turmeric extract, bearberry extract, coffee extract, vitamin e, pthalate free fragrance, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide (see package for final ingredients list)


    Koko Rose Beauty products are used to quickly and effectively treat acne, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, blemishes, dark spots or dark areas, psoriasis, eczema and more.

    You want clear, healthy, glowing skin. Our skincare products with natural and science-backed ingredients will help you get it.