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Badonka Berry Booty Scrub (minimize cellulite, stretch marks and dark marks)

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meet the new badonka berry booty scrub, one of 6 supercharged body treatments in our medical strength body care collection: everybody by koko rose. Every product in this collection is designed to work for everybody - every shade, every age, every skin type. 

badonka berry booty scrub - minimize cellulite, stretch marks and dark marks

WHO THIS IS FOR: everybody interested in eliminating cellulite, stretch marks, dark marks, scarring, textured skin, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone on the body (and especially that booty)

WHAT IT DOES: badonka berry booty scrub is a medical strength skin smoothing body scrub that contains active ingredients that have been proven to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, lift dark marks, minimize scarring, and clear hyperpigmentation.

badonka berry booty butter was designed to be used on the body but it can also safely be used safely on the face to treat dull skin, congestion, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, texture, scarring, blemishes and uneven skin tone. 


    • turmeric - pigment in turmeric offers an immediate brightening effect while the active component in turmeric responsible for lifting dark marks beneath the surface of skin, curcumin, reduces the excess melanin production, acts as antioxidant and is also anti-inflammatory, which helps prevent future darks marks
    • lactic acid - a hydrating AHA that increases cell turnover and helps eliminate accumulated dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks
    • coffee extract - this ingredient contains caffeine which helps to stimulate microcirculation, lipolysis and give firmness to the skin

cellulite? stretch marks? booty acne? yea... we're familiar and we're over it! instead of using basic body care that usually just contains filler ingredients, we've created medical grade body treatments that contain the same level of active ingredients as our life-changing facial care.

wanna say goodbye to those dimples and tiger stripes? start here!

whether you’re looking to have a hot girl summer or a healed girl summer, badonka berry booty scrub is here to help you feel completely confident in every occasion. 

gently massage into damp skin and allow lather to remain on skin for up to 5 minutes for maximum penetration of active ingredients, then rinse with warm water and follow with badonka berry booty butter. use up to 3x per week. reduce use if irritation occurs. patch test before use. 

sugar, sodium cocoyl isethionate, distilled water,  cocamidopropyl betaine, pumice, coconut oil, shea butter, emulsifying wax, glycerin, propylene glycol, lactic acid,  stearic acid, turmeric extract, bearberry extract, coffee extract, vitamin e, pthalate free fragrance, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide (see package for final ingredients list)


Koko Rose Beauty products are used to quickly and effectively treat acne, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, blemishes, dark spots or dark areas, psoriasis, eczema and more.

You want clear, healthy, glowing skin. Our skincare products with natural and science-backed ingredients will help you get it.