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Minimize breakouts overnight with the Koko Rose Beauty Zit Zap Pimple Patch. No picking or popping necessary. Just apply the patch, get some beauty rest, and wake up with healthier-looking skin.

This triple threat acne patch absorbs the stuff inside of pimples so your zit looks better overnight, locks in moisture to promote skin healing and reduce post-acne scarring and protects you from picking and popping your pimple - because we know it gets tempting!

When you're dealing with a zit emergency, grab the Zit Zap Pimple Patch for overnight relief!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Cleanse and dry the blemish and surrounding area before selecting the appropriate size patch to cover the zit.

Step 2: Apply the patch to the blemish and press down around the edges to seal the patch.

Step 3: Wear the patch for at least 6 hours and watch as it turns white while sucking out all the pimple pus.


Step 4: Remove the patch and apply another as necessary until the pimple is gone.



No picking! No Popping! Just irritation free relief from active breakouts.

The Zit Zap Pimple Patch works best on whiteheads and the kinds of pimples that you might typically pop - but won't anymore, now that you have this patch!


  • Hydrocolloid: A medical-grade material that speeds healing and protects blemishes from bacteria.


Stop using and ask a doctor if a rash and/or irritation occurs.


Koko Rose Beauty products are used to quickly and effectively treat acne, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, blemishes, dark spots or dark areas, psoriasis, eczema and more.

You want clear, healthy, glowing skin. Our skincare products with natural and science-backed ingredients will help you get it.